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This page should contain sermons presented at Tanner St Church of Christ in 2017. Unless it is noted otherwise the lessons below were presented by the current preacher, Dan Henderson.

Clicking the sermon name should play the sermon in your browser. If you would like to download the sermon, right click the sermon name and choose "Save Link As" from the menu.



Blood Of Christ.mp3PDFPPT

Who Is A God Like You.mp3PDFPPT

Building For Future.mp3PDFPPT

Antidote To Fear.mp3PDF

How Do We Abhor Evil.mp3PDFPPT

God's Chain Of Salvation.mp3PDFPPT


Ask Not - The Work of Service.mp3PDFPPT

Feasts of Israel (There is no audio for this lesson)PDFPPT

They Lost Jesus.mp3PDFPPT

Can I Remain Faithful.mp3PDFPPT

You Have Been Called.mp3PDFPPT

Five Admonitions From Paul.mp3PDFPPT


Teaching With Aids.mp3PDF

MYB Nothing In A Name.mp3PDF

Prayer For Colossians.mp3PDFPPT

Busy Here And There.mp3PDFPPT

Born Again.mp3PDFPPT

Providence - The Hand Of God In Our Lives.mp3PDFPPT

Follow In His Steps - WWJD.mp3PDFPPT

Service - Fighters, Guards.mp3PDFPPT

The Carnal Mind.mp3PDFPPT

Who Needs The Gospel.mp3PDFPPT


Four Fundamental Needs.mp3PDFPPT

Old Testament Survey - Between.mp3PDFPPT

The Church Of Christ.mp3PDFPPT

Receive The Word.mp3PDFPPT

Make Me A Servant.mp3PDFPPT

Paul On Death.mp3PDFPPT

A Fork In The Road.mp3PDFPPT

Dealing With Others.mp3PDF


The New Testament Teaches.mp3PDFPPT

Old Testament Survey - ReturnPDFPPT

(There is no audio for the lesson above. The PDF is a copy of Gene Taylor's Between The Testaments. This is the outline used to prepare and present this lesson.)

Descent Of A Disciple.mp3PDFPPT

Dealing With Others.mp3PDFPPT

Recognizing False Teachers.mp3PDFPPT

Encouraged Or Warned.mp3PDF

Stay Awake.mp3PDFPPT

One Crying In The Wilderness.mp3PDFPPT


The Lords Supper.mp3PDFPPT

MYB The Old Testament.mp3PDF

Hindering Prayer.mp3PDFPPT

A Few One Things.mp3PDFPPT


Real And Ideal.mp3PDFPPT

First God.mp3PDFPPT

God's Word Is.mp3PDFPPT

Many Churches One Jesus.mp3PDFPPT

The Wise.mp3PDF


Sin And Consequence.mp3PDFPPT

The Wise.mp3PDFPPT

Bible Fathers.mp3PDFPPT

Defending Our Hope.mp3PDFPPT

Bible Husbands.mp3PDFPPT

The Value Of Gods Word.mp3PDFPPT

Many And One.mp3PDFPPT

I Want To Go To Heaven.mp3PDFPPT


It Comes From God - Mission Of The Church.mp3PDFPPT

Word Study - Ekklesia.mp3PDFPPT

Bible Wives.mp3PDFPPT


Bible Mothers.mp3PDFPPT

Truly Disciples Of Mine.mp3PDFPPT

It Comes From God - Authority.mp3PDFPPT

Understanding The Scriptures.mp3PDFPPT


The Plan Of Salvation.mp3PDFPPT

A Light In Darkness.mp3PDFPPT

To Whom Shall We Go.mp3PDFPPT

The Little Things.mp3PDFPPT

Enemies Of The Cross.mp3PDFPPT

Uncomfortable Christianity.mp3PDFPPT

The Bible Tells Me So.mp3PDF

Mark Your Bible - Keep From Sin.mp3PDF

Jesus Saves Means Jesus Rules.mp3PDFPPT

What's So Amazing About Grace.mp3PDFPPT


Faithful In Little Things.mp3PDFPPT

Old Testament Survey - Scattered.mp3PDFPPT

Hannah's Prayer.mp3PDFPPT

This World Is Not My Home.mp3PDFPPT


Never Give Up.mp3PDFPPT

Spiritual Cleaning.mp3PDFPPT

The Choice Of Lot.mp3PDF


The Hard Way.mp3PDF

Old Testament Survey - Promised Nation.mp3PDFPPT

Understanding Context With Singing.mp3PDF

Rejoice In Hope.mp3PDFPPT

God Cares For Us.mp3PDF


One Understanding.mp3PDFPPT

Mark Your Bible - Believe On Jesus.mp3PDF


Salvation In Christ.mp3PDF

Old Testament Survey - Taking Canaan.mp3PDFPPT

Postage Stamp Lessons.mp3PDFPPT

Truth Or Lie.mp3PDFPPT

A Bible Heart.mp3PDFPPT

Test Our Walk.mp3PDFPPT

Remember Me.mp3PDFPPT

Read The Bible.mp3PDF

Never Again.mp3 - Jerry HendersonPDFPPT

Stewards Of Time.mp3PDF